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Airship "Kyokonheirou" Gracefully Wins - MDD Robot Challenge 2008

An industry-academia collaboration team (team name: Kyoton Hero Kyokonheirou) of KCGI, KCG, and Human Engineering and Robotics Co.


The "MDD Robot Challenge" is a contest in which participants develop software to control a small airship according to Model Driven Development (MDD), and compete in a model (software blueprint) and actual flight competition obtained in the process.It aims to achieve all of the following: research promotion, industrial promotion, and educational practice.

There are three events in the competition: model judging, automatic navigation competition, and sumo competition.In the automatic navigation competition, in which our team won this time, we competed in the accuracy of landing the airship at the destination while taking off from the departure point and passing through the stopping point.

An ultrasonic sensor is placed on the ground, by which the airship detects its position and transmits it to a laptop computer for autopilot.The laptop sends commands to the airship to control the propeller based on the position information.These procedures require advanced programming development in which only the takeoff command is given by a human and the rest is done by fully automatic control.

The flight of our team continued to be adjusted until just before the competition, and we started with a mixture of anticipation and anxiety.After takeoff, the aircraft passed through the first transit point safely and barely passed through the second transit point successfully, then deviated significantly from its flight path.The team won the championship with 9 points, the highest score among all participating teams (2nd place was 4 points).

Types of MDD Robot Challenge Competitions

[Automatic Navigation Competition]

the heroic appearance of the airship of the Korean hero

In the automatic navigation competition, participants compete to navigate the airship so that it takes off from the starting point and lands at the destination while passing through a set point.An ultrasonic sensor is placed on the ground, by which the airship detects its position and transmits it to a laptop computer at the base station.Based on the position information, the base station sends commands to the airship to control the propeller.With these procedures, the airship is able to fly under automatic control.

[Model screening]

Model developed by Kyokon-Hiro

The MDD Robot Challenge is a contest to improve software quality by promoting software development based on models, i.e., software blueprints, rather than simply flying airships.Therefore, the pre-submitted models will also be judged at the conference.
As the scale of projects increases and the need for development by a large number of engineers increases, communication to clarify the direction and goals of a project using words and diagrams, such as documentation and modeling, is becoming more and more necessary.

[Sumo competition]

It's a one-on-one fight.Each airship wears a long ribbon at the back, and the first airship to touch the other's ribbon wins.Note that after takeoff, you lose if your plane, including the ribbon, touches the surrounding walls or floor.The duration of the match is five minutes.The control controller is prepared by each team.There were teams that used mice and keyboards, teams that used game controllers and joysticks, and teams that challenged themselves with homemade controllers.

Members involved in this project

The Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics
Shuji Takahashi, Tomoyuki Mao, Hikaru Fujinami, Jun Uchidate, Tomofumi Murakami, Erika Takase, Masahiro Sakamoto, Hironobu Goto, Keiji Emi
Kyoto Computer Gakuin
Yoshida Bell Ichi
Human Engineering and Robotics, Inc.
Kenji Nishimura, Yoshiya Takahashi, Takuya Okabe, Akira Furukawa, Masaru Okamura


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