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"KCG Summer Festa 2018" was held and many people visited

The annual KCG Summer Festa 2018 (Kyoto Prefectural University, The Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics, Kyoto Automobile College, etc.) is held as an open educational institution to exchange information with the local community. Sponsored by the Kyoto City Board of Education) on July 28, 2018 (Saturday) at Kyoto Computer Gakuin Kyoto Station / The Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics.Many elementary and junior high school students and local residents participated in various events.Thank you very much.

The “KCG Summer Festa” is held every year in conjunction with “Kandoki” on July 2nd, the date of death of the founder and founder of the KCG group, Shigeo Hasegawa.

Here are some photos of KCG Summer Festa 2018.

◇ Astronomy Workshop-Let's experience the appearance of the universe with 3D glasses!~

July 28 (Sat), Kyoto Computer Gakuin Kyoto Station School

Participants experienced the vast universe while viewing 3D glasses and watching astronomical images.There are about 1 trillion x 100 billion stars in the universe.One of these countless stars is the sun, and we are small beings on the earth that orbit the sun.Participants were thinking about the endless universe while receiving explanations including recent topics such as the approach of the Earth and Mars from Prof. Seichiro Aoki, Associate Professor of Kyoto University of Information Sciences, who was in charge of the workshop. .The same contents were held in three parts.This workshop was supported by the Astronomical Observatory / Astronomy Promotion Project Office, Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University.

◇ First programming course

July 28 (Sat), Kyoto Computer Gakuin Kyoto Station School

This is an annual popular course for elementary school children.While learning the programming with the main operation of the mouse, the students started making games.The challenge was to create a game that catches the banana where the character falls, and all the teachers and student staff at Kyoto Computer Gakuin were able to complete the game safely and show smiles.

◇ Anime voice actor experience

July 28 (Sat), Kyoto Computer Gakuin Kyoto Station School

Many children participated and had a real experience of “after-recording” recording KCG's mascot character “Kyokotan” and narration in line with the KCG group TVCM video.Kyoto Computer Gakuin Information processing department IT voice actor course teacher, after receiving guidance on pronunciation and utterance of speech, enjoy the process of animation production such as recording in the studio using the professional "Digital Sound Studio" in the school in front of Kyoto Station It was.Some participants were nervous because it was their first studio recording, but when they wore headphones and headed to the microphone, they all performed as “Kokotan”.Parents and guardians had their children's “brave figure” in video and photos.

◇ "History of computer" to learn happily with parents and children through games

July 28 (Sat), Kyoto Computer Gakuin Kyoto Station School

The KCG Computer Museum stores a lot of historically valuable computers and has been designated as the first nationwide “Distributed Computer Museum” in 2009 by the Information Processing Society of Japan.A large number of children and parents participated, and while watching the equipment displayed in the museum, we learned about the history of computer development and actually moved a precious old personal computer to compare its performance with the latest personal computer. It was.We challenged the rally that was named “Search for Computers in Information Processing Technology Heritage (Information Processing Society Certified)”.I also learned about the birth and evolution of video games born from the evolution of computers.

◇ KCG Music Festa 2018

July 28 (Sat), Kyoto Computer Gakuin Kyoto Station School

A large number of people attended the concert hall hosted by the KCG Parents Association and filled the KCG Kyoto Station School.Part 1 enjoyed solo and dual singing by young singers.The second part is the KCG group's chorus circle U-Choir, who showed the results of daily practice. After receiving, everyone went up to the stage and chorused.In the same hall, which has a reputation for good acoustics, we listened and sang and enjoyed the music.

◇ Electronic workshop

August 18 (Saturday), Kyoto Computer Gakuin Technical College (Tohoku School)

This is a very popular workshop every year.This time too, after the start of recruitment of participants, the capacity is reached quickly.A large number of children and parents came on the day.This year, an “electronic roulette” will be created in which the light from the LED turns around.Participants heard the story of the electronic circuit mechanism using a microcomputer from Prof. Eiji Kubota, head of the Kyoto Computer Gakuin Engineering Department, and head of the Shohoku School, and worked on creating the original electronic roulette that uses dedicated software. .The teachers and student staff give careful guidance.I took the finished product home and made it a memory of my summer vacation.This workshop is co-sponsored by the Kyoto City Board of Education and Miyako Children ’s Saturday School.