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Mr. Isobe gave a lecture at the Kyokyo Co., Ltd.

Kyoto Computer Gakuin (KCG) Secretariat of Kyoto Information Industry Association (Chairman: Wataru Hasegawa, President of Kyoto Computer Gakuin University) Co-sponsored by the Corporate Technology Center, Kyoto Sangyo 21 / Kyoto Advanced Technology Research Institute / Kyoto Chamber of Commerce / IT Consortium Kyoto) was held on October 17th at the Kyoto University of Information Sciences Kyoto Hall Mr. Ichiro Isobe, President of F Beans System Agency, talked about “How to use big data to revitalize business”.Members of the association, KCGI, KCG students, and ordinary people attended.

Mr. Isobe followed his own steps to start a business as a self-introduction, and then entered the main topic. First, system integration (SI, information system planning, construction, operation, all necessary work in a lump Emphasizes that the services provided are changing with the advent of big data.Business models (providing new services to customers) ▽ Work styles (reducing management costs and resource waste by utilizing IT in-house) ▽ Labor / Motivation (Thorough IT utilization rules and labor productivity) “It is important that the manager feels the impact”.

Big data collection is becoming possible, such as the spread of smartphones and tablets, the trend of social media, the evolution of corporate IT due to the evolution of the cloud, the spread of automatic data collection by sensors, and the emergence of on-demand services using the Internet , “High-speed / distributed processing technology and data mining technology are the focus of attention, and the important utility value and business transformation are not clear.“The current situation is that we don't fully understand how to use big data effectively.”He touched on regional revitalization through the effective use of big data, and said, “I would like you to use the cloud to connect big data to business.”

Mr. Ichiro Isobe, Representative Director of F Beans System Agency Inc., giving a lecture titled
Mr. Ichiro Isobe, Representative Director of F Beans System Agency Inc., giving a lecture titled "How to use big data to revitalize business"