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KCGI's Associate Professor Emi gave a lecture at the e-learning forum

Forum venue
Forum venue

Associate Professor Koji Emi of Kyoto Information Graduate University (KCGI) gave a talk on the development of content using wearable cameras, etc. at the "e-Learning Award 2016 Forum" held in Tokyo.This forum is a nationwide venue for introducing and presenting educational examples using ICT such as e-learning and MOOC.Prof. Emi gave a lecture entitled “Development of content for flip learning using wearable camera” on October 28, the last day of the forum.Invert learning by incorporating a technique of "micro-content" that formalizes tacit knowledge at the manual work level and makes content as small parts by photographing agricultural work from various angles using a glasses-type wearable camera Talked about the know-how to develop content for users while wearing a wearable camera.The audience was very interested, and there were questions about how to use wearable cameras and questions about how to create micro contents from the venue.

This content was produced jointly by the Vegetable Planet Association and KCGI in the application information subject “Next Generation Agricultural Informatics” of KCGI. This is part of the research on the wearable category award.In addition, as a public lecture related to this, “Next Generation Agricultural Informatics-Agriculture × ICT = Innovation-” will be held on December 7, and a plant factory using cloud services and ICT control will provide farmers with the information they need. We introduce examples such as and look at the future agriculture.If you are interested in agricultural management using ICT, please join us.

Open Lecture "Next Generation Agricultural Informatics-Agriculture x ICT = Innovation-"



Associate Professor Emi speaking with a wearable camera
Associate Professor Emi speaking with a wearable camera