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We held a talk live with Ayu from Skyscraper Opera on April 14th!

Ayu from the popular band
Ayu from the popular band "Matenro Opera" talks about music and IT

In commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Kyoto Computer Gakuin (KCG) and the 10th anniversary of the The Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics (KCGI), a talk live on the theme of "I and IT" was held on April 14 at KCG Kyoto Station School Did.

As the first in a series of talk shows entitled "Me and IT," we invited Ayame, a keyboardist in the visual-kei band "Matenrou Opera," which is popular among young people, to talk about the relationship between music, computers and IT under the title "Matenrou Opera Ayame Style: Information Society and Music.

Many of her fans, including junior and senior high school students and working people, came to listen to her talk about the role of IT in her daily musical activities.

Ayame's father was an engineer who worked on audio equipment, so there was a lot of equipment in the house.With the help of this environment, he started to play DTM (Desktop Music) when he was in junior high school, and he also created a database of his CDs and a search system.When I was in the Faculty of Environment and Information Studies (SFC) at Keio University, I also studied information-related subjects, and around this time I formed a band and began my musical activities.Since then, he has gained popularity through his IT-based music activities.In her lecture, Ms. Saiyu told the students of KCG Group, "What you learn in school is not technology.Skills and knowledge are something you learn and acquire on your own," he stressed. "What teachers teach you at school is how to use your knowledge.You will be taught how to turn knowledge into wisdom.With just one PC, anyone can make a difference.The hints for a big hit lie in the most random places, so I hope that you students will bring about change by cutting the world from an angle with interesting ideas.

The main contents of the lecture are as follows.

I'm more interested in computers than music.
Her father died when she was three years old, and since then she has lived alone with her mother.I've enjoyed using computers since I was in elementary school, and by the time I was in junior high school, I was using them quite a bit.I was more interested in computers than music first.By the way, I started playing the keyboard when I was in junior high school."

I went to SFC to study computer science.
I went to Keio University SFC because I wanted to learn about computers.But I got into all kinds of genres, not just IT-related, but cognitive science, economics, Western art, etc."

I've always wanted to be Tetsuya Komuro.
When I was in junior high school, I was fascinated by Tetsuya Komuro.It was cool to see them singing with the computer and playing synthesizer.When I was in college, I formed a band and my charge was to "make music by programming".I love programming with C language.I felt like I was creating a world of my own.I feel like I'm God.However, I think that the technology was not so good.There are many people in the world who are good at programming.There is an amazing person who finishes in less than 20 lines what it takes me 1,000 lines to do.

Music and academia come to the same conclusion.
When I was in college, I decided to pursue music as a career.I had always had an interest in it, but I thought I would go into academia.Then I began to feel that the world of academia and the world of music were very similar.Pursuing the truth of the world.The conclusion we reach is the same, isn't it?"

Skyscraper Opera" is surprisingly analog.
My band is surprisingly analog.Someone brings the bare bones of the song, and the vocalist sings first while playing the guitar.Then everyone writes chord progressions and other information on the whiteboard.They compose the chorus, intro, etc., and play them all at once.There is no such thing as IT there at all.It's not that I don't have songs that I make on my computer.After writing on the whiteboard, we make use of IT.First, I take a picture of the board and record the sound with my iPhone and put it on the cloud.Each member downloads and shares the data at home.

I want to combine academics and music.
The number of artists has increased over the years, from 2000 to 2010, but one of the characteristics is that there are now artists with multiple areas of expertise.Music is also entering an era of diversification.In my case, I would like to study various things, such as economics and music, Western culture and music, etc., and work to combine them with music.

Required ability of conception and application
It's not the technology you learn in school.Skills and knowledge are something you learn and acquire on your own.IT continues to evolve, and new things keep coming out.Therefore, people who can't learn without being taught are fine for now, but even if they get a job, they will not be able to keep up with the times and will be left behind.Again, get in the habit of learning the skills yourself.Then why do they come to school?What the teacher teaches you is how to use the knowledge.Application.You will be taught how to turn knowledge into wisdom.In extreme cases, programming can be done by children.What you do with it is important.You need to be able to think and apply yourself."

Don't be afraid to challenge yourself.
If a student spends three months building a software program and submits it to the teacher, even if it's a complete failure, no one loses anything, right?Students are able to take on challenges without fear of failure, and that is their strength.If this were a working person, it would be hard.It would wreak havoc on the company."

Typical addiction.
To tell you the truth, I'm a typical Internet and cell phone addict, and I've made it known that I would die if I couldn't get online for three minutes.When I get on an airplane, for example, I can't help but feel anxious until we land.

Hidden potential
'My mother bought a camera phone when it first came out.At the time, I was predominantly of the opinion that there was no way I would ever use such a camera.I bought a cell phone with a TV.I was happy to be able to put the TV in my pocket, but the people around me said, "There's no way I'll watch it.But now it's very different.Unexpectedly, products that seem to be useless may have hidden potential for innovation.

The Great Failure
One time during a recording session, I accidentally put a finished song in the trash on my computer and deleted it.It was entirely my mistake, human error.I can't get back to normal!"When I found out the worst, my face turned pale and cold sweat poured down.After that, I did not sleep, but hastened to make it again.As time goes by, I forget the song.It's finally done, and I think it's better for what we lost, or so I try to think.That is good, because it happens to be my job.I shudder to think what it would be like if it belonged to someone else.I've learned my lesson, and now whenever I have a song, I make a quadruple backup, including USB memory and the cloud.

Increasingly wearable
Cell phones are an extension of our senses.In recent years, we have seen the emergence of eyeglass-type smartphones such as Apple's i-watch and Google Glass.It's wearable.Humans are becoming cyborgs.As a result, new lifestyles and new ways of thinking are likely to emerge.