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Special lecture by Furuno Electric Co., Ltd. was held

A special lecture by Furuno Denki Co., Ltd. titled “Our IT and the future of marine IT – a message from Furuno Electric” was held on April 22 at the Kyoto University of Information and Sciences Kyoto Hall KCG students attended.

Furuno Electric is a manufacturer and distributor of electronic equipment for ships and industrial use. In 1948, it succeeded in commercializing the first fish finder in the world.The head office is located in Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture.

In the lecture, Mr. Atsushi Nishimori of Furuno Electric Research Laboratory first introduced Furuno Denki's success in putting fish detectors into practical use under the title "From the birth of Furuno R & D fish hunting to the present and the future". .Among them, the founder, Kiyotaka Furuno, developed with the belief that the fish bag should reflect ultrasound, despite the common belief that the body of the fish does not respond to ultrasound. Since the bubbles generated during the navigation of the ship are obstacles to detection, the idea of drilling a hole in the center of the bottom of the ship where the generation is the least has become a big opportunity for practical use. An interesting episode was introduced.

Mr. Nishimori also introduced that there is a movement in Japan to introduce an IQ system that allocates catches to each ship from the viewpoint of protecting fishery resources. In that case, the fish hunter can identify fish of a specific fish species and fish length. He said that he was actively working on the development of higher precision fish finder because of the increasing demand for fish.

Subsequently, Mr. Naoshi Imazuka from the Technical Research Institute started from the design of both hardware and software for the work contents of the development work at Furuno Electric, and then went to sea trials and field tests for product prototypes and quality inspections. We introduced the flow of progress with examples.

In addition, Furuno Electric has the world's top share as a general marine electronic equipment manufacturer, but it is not so strong in the market for pleasure boats. He also explained the importance of “open innovation” that actively seeks partners and ideas.

Lastly, Mr. Imazaka expressed the characteristics of human resources who are suitable for research and development at Furuno Denki as follows:K: I like to think, C: I like communication, G: I am patient.

The KCG Group will continue to focus on marine IT education with the cooperation of Furuno Electric, which signed an industry-academia collaboration agreement with the Group in 2015.Starting this fiscal year, KCG's Applied Information Department has established a full-time 3-year marine IT course, and Kyoto Information Graduate University (KCGI) 's next-generation industry course has established a marine IT program, and is striving to develop human resources who can lead this field. The

Kei Nishimori talks about the history of fish finder development
Kei Nishimori talks about the history of fish finder development
Mr. Naoshi Imakasaka talking about the development process
Mr. Naoshi Imakasaka talking about the development process