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ChatGPT/Generative AI Workshop" was held to explore the future of generative AI.

Group work in the
Group work in the

The "ChatGPT/Generative AI Workshop" was held by the "Future Environment Lab" jointly established by Kyoto Computer Guraduate Institute of Informatics (KCGI), Kyoto Computer Gakuin (KCG), and BIPROGY Corporation, a major IT service provider, on June 17 (Sat.), 18 (Sun.) and 24 (Sat.), 2023.

On the first day, KCGI Associate Professor Takao Nakaguchi of the Future Environment Lab gave an overview of ChatGPT and generative AI, their current status, and the goals of this workshop, followed by a keynote lecture by Professor Emeritus Toru Ishida of Kyoto University, an expert in artificial intelligence.Professor Ishida asked, "Do we see the future of generative AI?" He replied, "Our job is to implement the future.I hope this workshop will help you envision the future of generative AI," he said.The participants were then divided into groups for each of the sub-themes, "Games," "Manga/Anime," "Education," and "Tourism IT," which were established to reflect the various fields of study at KCGI and KCG, with KCGI faculty members serving as facilitators and receiving direct advice from Professor Ishida and KCGI Professor Jin Miura, Chief Researcher at BIPROGY's Integrated Technology Research Institute.The workshop will be conducted in a hybrid format with online as well.Students of diverse nationalities, including Japanese, Chinese, Nepalese, and Indian, participated in the group work.Mr. Hideo Yokoyama of BIPROGY, a company that is applying AI in the field of society, introduced technical case studies, and the students delved deeper into the topic as they deepened their knowledge.

On the second day, a special lecture titled "Generative AI and the Future of Digital Games" was given by Prof. Yoichiro Miyake, who has studied artificial intelligence in games at Square Enix, RIKEN, and the University of Tokyo, and has created artificial intelligence for large-scale games.In the group exchange session, where participants introduced the issues they are working on in the workshop, they shared their situations with each other and actively exchanged opinions.

On the final day, all six teams presented the results of the three days.As a result, the Tourism IT Team's "MetaRide Kyoto: From Mobility to Experience," which proposed a new business model that transforms "mobility" into "experience" by utilizing ChatGPT and generative AI, envisioning the next 10 years, won the Grand Prize.In addition, the BIPROGY Award was given to the Manga/Anime team for their "How to deal with AI-generated illustrations.Ms. Aiko Kabayashi, Director of BIPROGY's Research Institute for Integrated Technology, commented, "It is wonderful that the students took up the broad theme of generative AI, a subject that even companies are struggling with, and raised the issue of how to deal with it, not in terms of compliance but in terms of ethics.Students commented, "I enjoyed talking with various people," "I realized that exchanging opinions can produce unexpected answers," and "I learned many things from this experience.I would definitely recommend it to other friends.

The "Future Environment Lab" is an industry-academia collaboration where leading researchers from BIPROGY and faculty members from KCGI and KCG work together with students with fresh ideas to promote joint projects.We believe that "knowing what technologies exist in the world will give you ideas," and that "the ability to give shape to ideas also improves with training." We provide students with opportunities to view things from various perspectives and gain experience in creating new things that do not yet exist.

Presentation of the results of the three days.The students were evaluated as
Presentation of the results of the three days.The students were evaluated as
Three fulfilling days have come to an end.The students said they would like to use this experience in their future studies.
Three fulfilling days have come to an end.The students said they would like to use this experience in their future studies.