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China Central TV introduces Liu who completed KCGI and started a business in Japan

Mr. Liu, who completed KCGI in September 2013 (President of Meito Co., Ltd.)
Mr. Liu, who completed KCGI in September 2013 (President of Meito Co., Ltd.)

Mr. Liu, who completed the Kyoto University of Information Studies (KCGI) in September 2013 and started a transfer business in Osaka, is the director of China Central Television (CCTV). ) Was featured in the “Chinese World”, which introduces people active outside of China in the news program.In addition, Mr. Liu was selected as the “Chinese Chinese Tenjin for 2018” in the newspaper “Kansai Huabun Jibun” published for Chinese residents in Kansai, and was greatly reported on the top page of December 15, 2018. It was.Five years after founding the company after learning about e-commerce at KCGI.Mr. Liu, who has grown and expanded the company year after year by making full use of the knowledge he has learned at KCGI, such as sales exceeding 2 billion yen in the fiscal year ending August 2018, is a representative who succeeded in learning in Japan. It seems to be highly appreciated in China as a person.

Meito Co., Ltd. is a business that provides customers with a Japanese address when collecting goods using a Japanese mail order site, collects the products, and packs and sends them to China. Pillar.The amount of international mail usage is ranked top in the Kinki area and top 2 in Japan, and has received a letter of appreciation from Japan Post Co., Ltd.A huge distribution center in the Osaka Higashi Post Office (Nishi-ku, Osaka City), about 2,500 square meters, and the city and two newly secured locations in Tokyo, Kanda Jimbocho and Kobe, are always full of products. TheIntroducing two X-ray inspection machines, saying, “I want to increase the reliability as a forwarding agent”, and I will neglect to check before shipping.In addition, the cross-border mail order (EC) business, which was started as a new business field, is getting on track, an affiliated company in partnership with a leading Chinese logistics company and government, a local subsidiary in China that develops customer systems, The scale of the business is expanding further, including the establishment of “Meito Solution Co., Ltd. (Japan)” to support foreigners starting up businesses in Japan.There are many KCGI graduates among Group company employees.

Liu dreamed of studying in Japan and majored in Japanese at university.After graduating, I worked at a hotel in Qingdao, and worked as a front desk staff. While I became friends with a Japanese customer who manages a trading company as a regular customer, He said he began to feel strongly that he wanted to work.Because I had knowledge of programming that I continued self-study since I was an elementary school student, when I had a chance to study in Japan, I chose KCGI, where I can study in association with IT as a place to go to school.

“After I entered the school, I learned a lot from the lectures that attracted interest, such as financial accounting-related system development, business administration, and web business,” says Liu.To be honest, after completing the course, I was at a loss whether to find a job in Japan or return to China, but decided that I should make use of what I learned at KCGI and decided to start a business.The company name of the founded Meito Co., Ltd. is said to include the desire to raise its name in the home and east of China.

“At first, I wasn't Japanese, so I had a hard time getting trust from the people involved.” As a result, the establishment of a business center and a distribution center within the Osaka Higashi Post Office Sales Collection Promotion Department has been realized.Mr. Liu makes steady progress while taking advantage of what he learned at KCGI.“In the future, I would like to set up bases in China, Taiwan, South Korea, etc., and work to deliver Japanese products worldwide.And I want to be listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange within 10 years.The listing is finally in the horizon and is changing from a dream to a goal, ”he looks further ahead.

Selected as a “Chinese Chinese in Japan for 2018” by the “Kansai Chinese Literature” and reported greatly
Selected as a “Chinese Chinese in Japan for 2018” by the “Kansai Chinese Literature” and reported greatly
Mr. Liu received a certificate of
Mr. Liu received a certificate of "2018 Chinese Chinese Tenants in Japan"

Chinese Central Television (CCTV) “Chinese World” = video introducing Liu