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KCG and KCGI Hold Fall 2023 Commencement Ceremony in Hybrid Format

President Wataru Hasegawa of KCG, KCGI, and KCGM delivers his address at the entrance ceremony for the fall semester of the 2023 academic year (September 29, 2023, KCG Kyoto Ekimae Campus, KCGI Kyoto Ekimae Satellite 6F Main Hall)
President Wataru Hasegawa of KCG, KCGI, and KCGM delivers his address at the entrance ceremony for the fall semester of the 2023 academic year (September 29, 2023, KCG Kyoto Ekimae Campus, KCGI Kyoto Ekimae Satellite 6F Main Hall)

Kyoto Computer Gakuin (KCG), Kyoto Japanese Language Training Center (KJLTC), and Kyoto Computer Guraduate Institute of Information Technology (KCGI) held their fall semester 2023 entrance ceremonies on Friday, September 29, in a hybrid format that allowed students to choose to participate either in person or in cyberspace.At the main hall on the 6th floor of the KCG Kyoto Ekimae School/KCGI Kyoto Ekimae Satellite, where the face-to-face ceremony was held, Wataru Hasegawa, President of KCG, KCGI, and Kyoto College of Gearmanship (KCGM) and Shinji Tomita, President of KCGI, delivered their ceremonial addresses to welcome and encourage the new students.On a beautiful autumn day, which marked the 60th anniversary of KCG's founding and the 20th anniversary of KCGI's founding, young people determined to acquire IT expertise and advanced technology to become information processing engineers who will lead the industry in the urgent need to realize a digital society joined the KCG family of over 50,000 graduates and alumni to start a new academic life.

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The new coronavirus is now a category 5 infectious disease, but there are still concerns about the re-spread of infection, so the entrance ceremony was held in a hybrid format, with the health and safety of the students and other concerned parties as the top priority.New students who chose cyberspace were able to watch and participate in the ceremony via real-time streaming.

After watching a video introducing the history of KCG, which was founded 60 years ago as the first computer education institution in Japan, KCGI, which was founded 20 years ago as the first IT professional graduate school in Japan, and the KCG Group, President Hasegawa delivered his ceremonial address.President Hasegawa stated, "With the spread of the Internet, cyberspace has developed in human society.I hope that all of you will study IT to the fullest and become students who are at the forefront of the times," he requested.The presentation will also introduce KCG's educational philosophy, and its history and achievements of always taking on new challenges with a pioneering spirit and a spirit of challenge, while being aware of the leading edge of the times and not being bound by the stereotypes of the old school."Be willing to converse with friends from different regions and cultures.The most important thing is mutual understanding and respect.By connecting with many friends, each one of us will surely be able to have a broader perspective and a more tolerant heart than ever before.Please encourage each other and study hard enough.I hope that you will follow in the footsteps of our outstanding seniors and become confident graduates and alumni who will carve out a bright future for yourselves.I sincerely wish all of you a vibrant and fulfilling student life," he said in his congratulatory address.

In his address, President Tomita said, "There are many problems that need to be solved in the area of artificial intelligence, such as copyrights, personal information, and fake news, but what I am most concerned about is the decline of human thinking ability if it is used incorrectly.I am sure that you will all have opportunities to use the software of Generated Artificial Intelligence in the future for submitting reports and so on.In any case, I would like you to think for yourself," he demanded.He added, "Young students need to cultivate new applied technologies such as computers, artificial intelligence, and data science as integrated science and technology, as 'the ability to survive in the new era.I hope that you will continue to develop new fields of application and truly contribute to the well-being of humankind.I sincerely hope that you will have a meaningful student life at our university and leave with confidence when you finish your studies here," he encouraged.

In response, Mr. Tamai, a new student in KCG's Department of Information and Communication Sciences, said on behalf of the new students, "We believe that the mission of information engineers is to create a richer and safer society in today's advanced information society, where the use of information technology has advanced.In order to realize the ideal information society, we will strive to grow every day by learning specialized knowledge and technology under the guidance of our professors and seniors at the university, cultivating a "rich creativity" and becoming engineers who will lead the information society of the future.

To all new students, please take good care of your health, study hard, and enjoy your student life.The entire faculty and staff cordially welcome you.

KCGI President Shinji Tomita delivers the ceremonial address.
KCGI President Shinji Tomita delivers the ceremonial address.