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On July 7th (Tuesday), the World Astronomical Year National Tanabata Lecture will be held.

World Astronomical Year 2009

Astronomical events are planned all over the world this year as a world astronomy year and a year when total solar eclipse occurs.

As part of this worldwide excitement, an event called “National Tanabata Lecture at the National Astronomical Year” will be held at around 100 universities and science museums around the country on July 7th in Tanabata.

“World Astronomical Year National Tanabata Lecture Official Site”

Sponsored by the Astronomical Society of Japan and co-hosted by the Astronomical Education Research Group.The committee consists of eight executive committees. The executive committee chairman is Kazunari Shibata, director of the Kyoto University Hanayama Observatory, and Professor Kazushi Sakuhana of the Kyoto University of Information Studies.Dr. Shibata will give a lecture at the KCG Astronomy Workshop on Sunday, October 4th.

Kyoto Computer Gakuin, our group school, agreed with this project as a private school founded by an astronomer group. It will be held.

Public participation is also welcome.Please feel free to join us with your invitation.

July 7, 2009 (Tuesday) 17: 30-18: 30
Kyoto Computer Gakuin Kyoto Station School New Building
How to use astronomy free software
While enjoying planetarium software, planetary motion simulation, solar eclipse drawing software, etc., you can see the distant universe through a personal computer.
Kazushi Sakuhana Professor, Kyoto University of Information Studies
More than junior high school students
500 yen (we will give you materials etc.Please pay at the reception on the day.)
* Free for those who attended the Kyoto Information Graduate University Admissions Briefing, Kyoto Computer Gakuin Open Campus, Career Consultation, and Guidance.
* Kyoto Information Graduate University and Kyoto Computer Gakuin students are free of charge.Please present your student ID card.