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Scott Ross holds a lecture on May 24th.Talk about the appeal and challenges of VFX

Scott Ross talks about the appeal and challenges of VFX at the 50th anniversary lecture of the KCG Group
Scott Ross talks about the appeal and challenges of VFX at the 50th anniversary lecture of the KCG Group

On May 24th (Friday), as a part of the 50th anniversary event of the KCG Group, a lecture by Digital Media Pioneer and founder of Digital Domain Inc. Scott Ross “VFX and changes in the global paradigm” Was held at the Kyoto University Graduate School of Information Kyoto Hall.Mr. Ross talked about the charms and challenges of special effects and VFX using CG (computer graphics) while introducing his own images.He also emphasized that communication is one of the most important factors for successful students, such as film production.

Mr. Ross said that with the advent of new technology and digital distribution, the number of “movie stars”, which had been the center of the movie world so far, has decreased, and the box office revenue is higher in the works using CG and VFX. Introducing the current situation.However, as filmmakers around the world complete the works that fit the new era one after another in this way, they are worried about the current state of “Hollywood” that cannot hide the decline. And is taking steps to secure human resources.“If we do not change the way we do business, such as profit distribution, we will be more and more late”.

Continued to introduce works that he worked on such as "Transformers" with the process of applying VFX.In response, students asked questions such as ▽ one movie, how many people are engaged in VFX ▽ weight of scenario in movies ▽ difference in workflow in movie production in Japan and the United States.Mr. Ross said at the end, “I have worked with Japanese people many times, but overall I have the impression that they are good at communication.It ’s an important element in group work, so please keep on wearing it since you were a student. ”

Ross, who founded Digital Domain with James Cameron and brought it to the largest production, traveled to many bands such as the Miles Davis Group in the 1970s, and was founded by George Lucas in the 1980s. Became ILM general manager.In 1989, NTT supported organizational reforms under the theme of “creativity”.Later, he supported the establishment of digital media departments at 14 universities in Japan.There was a wide network of people, and in Japan he had a close relationship with the late director Akira Kurosawa.He is also a member of the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which presides over the Academy Awards, and the American Television Arts and Science Association, which grants Emmy Awards, and lectures on creative methods and technologies in more than 20 countries around the world.

Memorial Lecture “VFX and Changes in the Global Paradigm” and changes in the global paradigm /