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KCG Group 2019 Degree Conferral and Graduation Ceremonies Held in Cyberspace

Wataru Hasegawa, KCG Group Chief Executive Officer, delivers his ceremonial address via video streaming.
Wataru Hasegawa, KCG Group Chief Executive Officer, delivers his ceremonial address via video streaming.

The 2019 degree conferment ceremony for Kyoto Computer Guraduate Institute of Informatics (KCGI) and graduation ceremonies for Kyoto Computer Gakuin (KCG), Kyoto Japanese Language Training Center (KJLTC), and Kyoto College of Motor Vehicles (KCGM) were held on March 20, 2020, in cyberspace.The ceremony was not held in the main hall on campus to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, and KCG Group President Wataru Hasegawa and KCGI President Toshihide Ibaraki gave words of encouragement and good wishes to each student in a video-streamed address.Despite the uncertain social climate, the graduates have left with confidence and hope, having acquired advanced knowledge and skills in IT and automobile maintenance, as well as excellent qualities as members of society.Congratulations to all of you!We sincerely wish you the best in your activities in society.

In his address, President Hasegawa explained the circumstances of the ceremony, "In consideration of the prevention of the spread of the new coronavirus infection, and the health and safety of our graduates, alumni, visitors, and faculty members, we decided to hold the ceremony in cyberspace.He added, "The IT field will continue to advance at a dizzying pace in the future, but I believe that those of you who have studied hard at this university will be able to adapt quickly to this evolution and keep ahead of the times.I hope that you will further hone your skills and contribute to the realization of a better society," he encouraged.You are also a member of the KCG family, a human network of some 50,000 graduates and alumni," he said, urging them to strengthen the network by valuing the connections between senior and junior students.

President Ibaraki elaborated on the history and current status of mankind's battle against infectious diseases, as well as recent efforts toward the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).He added, "Many of you will be working in jobs related to ICT.The power of ICT is extremely powerful.We must use the power of ICT to solve the problems that stand before us," he said, urging the alumni and graduates to get inspired.

In addition, the graduating students and alumni who have achieved outstanding academic and research results are selected for the Grand Prize and the Excellence Award, and are presented with a certificate and a commemorative gift.

This time, "Master of Information Technology (Professional)" degrees for KCGI graduates and diplomas/title certificates for KCG and KCGM graduates will be sent by mail or handed over individually after the 20th.

KCG and KCGI are currently relocating classes and other school operations to cyberspace as an emergency measure against new coronavirus infection.We are preparing to switch to e-learning (a system that allows students to study at home via the Internet) before the start of the spring semester of the 2020 academic year, which will begin in April.Students do not have to come to school, but instead attend classes at home by connecting their own computer to the school's server.This is expected to avoid as much as possible the dangerous environment in which many students gather in an enclosed space such as a classroom, thereby dramatically reducing the risk of viral infection.The purpose is to ensure that the spread of the new coronavirus does not interfere with student learning.With a few exceptions, administrative work on campus is also carried out in cyberspace, and faculty members telework in principle.The duration of this measure will be determined by monitoring the infection situation and government announcements and other trends.

KCGI President Toshihide Ibaraki delivers his ceremonial address via video streaming
KCGI President Toshihide Ibaraki delivers his ceremonial address via video streaming