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We held "KCG AWARDS 2021 - Presentation of Student Works

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The "KCG AWARDS 2021 - Presentation of Student Works" was held on February 21, 2021 (Sun.) via live online transmission in order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus. 6 groups and individuals presented their works in the form of presentations, and as a result, the box garden puzzle adventure game "Oto Niwa no Eine - Magical Tune Master" by Mr. Toyoda, Mr. Ichii, Mr. Waseda, and Mr. Miyashita of the Department of Game Studies and Mr. Shimada and Mr. Imori of the Department of Game Development was selected as the Grand Prize winner.Among them, Mr. Kazutomo Niwa (CEO), who established Game Server Services Co., Ltd. which provides cloud services of general-purpose game servers for developers, and Mr. Shunsuke Maeda of Amazon Web Services Japan Inc. are KCG graduates.

On February 4 and 5, KCG held an online "Project Exercise Presentation" in which students completed their works as a culmination of their past studies and research results and presented them in a presentation format.As a guest, students of Kyoto College of Computer Science and Graduate Institute of Information (KCGI), one of the group schools, presented their excellent master projects.

The judges were Mr. Yuichiro Ozaki, General Manager of the Kyoto Branch Office of Fujitsu Limited, Mr. Yuichi Nakamura, Visiting Professor of the National Institute of Informatics and Chief Technical Officer of the Central Research Laboratory of NEC Corporation, Mr. Hitoshi Miura, General Manager of the General Research Laboratory 246 of Nihon Unisys, and Mr. Niwa and Mr. Maeda.The judges gave detailed critiques of each work, which was a great encouragement to the students as they continue their creative activities.

Of the judges, Mr. Niwa graduated from the Game Development Course of the KCG Department of Media and Information Studies in 2006 and joined SEGA Corporation, where he was engaged in game development for mobile phones and server development.After that, he worked for Nintendo Co., Ltd. in the design and development of OS and SDK for game consoles, and the design, development, and operation of game servers.With about 10 years of experience in game development and large-scale game server development, he founded Game Server Services in 2016 to provide cloud services for general-purpose game servers to developers.

After graduating from KCG Department of Information Science in 2016, Mr. Maeda joined Yahoo Japan Corporation, where he was involved in the development of security platforms and internal authentication systems.Currently, he is working for Amazon Web Services Japan, providing official training for developers.It won the top prize at the KCG AWARDS in 2016.

For more details, please refer to "KCG AWARDS 2021 - Presentation of Student Works" page.Please take a look.

KCG AWARDS 2021 - Presentation of student works

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