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Talk live of American crayfish, Hirai on May 12

Yoshiyuki Hirai of
Yoshiyuki Hirai of "American crayfish" talking about IT with humor

The second talk live on the theme of “Me and IT” commemorating the 50th anniversary of the KCG Group, and a live talk invited by Yoshiyuki Hirai from the popular comedy Crayfish (Amezari) What an interesting!Lecture "was held on May 12 at KCG Kyoto Station.

Participants, mainly high school students, listened to Mr. Hirai's talk about humor about animation, games and IT.

Hirai likes big games, anime, and manga with her partner Tetsuya Yanagihara.I'm in charge of reporting on several game-related shows.That's why there are many episodes related to the game, such as two monster hunters appearing as in-game event clients and creating a crimson shrimp-shaped armor called “Amezari Armor”.He is also the chairman of the Japan Game Users Association (JGUA), an organization established for the purpose of boosting the game industry from the user's perspective.

Hirai, who was introverted only by drawing manga or playing games when he was a child, said, “It is strange to be talking in public as a comedian now.” Think of yourself as a computer.If you have a dream, you can accumulate various examples of information to make it happen, compute it, and leave it as a result.That will always give you results.“Dream must come true”.In addition to the comedy activities, there were also introductions of FLASH animations, games, and smartphone apps that were developed by them, which made visitors entertained.

IT now occupies an important position in entertainment such as games, music, and animation, and Japan's technological capabilities in those fields are sweeping the world.In the “I and IT” series, I would like to have young people who will lead the next generation learn about the future of IT and the importance of technology by talking to those who are active in various fields. The

The main contents of Mr. Hirai's talk live are as follows.

Encounter with Pokémon

“Maybe my father met a small computer like Pokémon, like a calculator, which I think my father had received at a bingo prize, so I started programming because of that.I bought a specialized magazine and tried various programming such as games and household account books on it ”

Get into doujinshi making

“At that time I didn't even have the word 'Otaku', but I was just such a race.In the doujinshi, game illustrations, information, game music scores, programs, etc. were placed and sent to approximately 500 members nationwide.At that time, there was no good software for drawing animation, and I was nostalgic that I drew a wrapping film for food packaging, pasted it on a PC monitor, and traced it.The existing LCD tablet is heaven. ''

Role of game event excitement

“As a user of the game, I decided to hold an event, create a community, and excite it.When you hear that an event will be held somewhere, the association invites you to participate on Facebook and Twitter, and also helps you to go to the venue to arrange chairs and organize people, take a picture and collect it in a report, etc. Is the role of

Games, apps, FLASH animations ... Do what you want

“I got a voice from a game production company called Level Five, and every morning I went to the development room to work on a full-scale game development.The app is a free app made with two friends by Yoshiyuki Hirai.Dentures were a hit and ranked 25th in the Apple Store ranking.I was in charge of painting.Because my parents used to be a candy shop, it ’s called “Dan candy app”.It's a strange story that there are the most downloads from Jamaica.What I wanted to do, including FLASH animations, is the principle of doing more and more. "

I want to convert myself into data in the near future

“If you digitize and visualize not only yourself, but humans, it will be easier to understand what kind of people will be, and it will be more efficient in terms of work and community.Thinking of humans as computers, organizing various kinds of information like a CPU and accumulating results, at the same time adding what is lacking as source code.Then dreams can be realized. ''

If you do not make a call, you will be left behind

“When entering a smart society, it may be an era when individuals cannot survive without sending out various things.The development of information infrastructure is progressing rapidly, and the times and trends are changing rapidly.I didn't know anything about IT, but I could do it if I had a strong desire to do it.Please take a step forward.Furthermore, languages other than Japanese and programming languages can be used.

The second talk live “Me and IT” series “American Crayfish Hirai IT is interesting!Course" and IT America Crayfish /