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Obituary〉Dr. Toshiharu Hasegawa

Dr. Toshiharu Hasegawa, the second president of Kyoto Institute of Information and a world-renowned authority on operations research, passed away on November 28.He was 77 years old.He has made significant contributions not only in the field of operations research, but also in the fields of systems engineering, communication systems, and road traffic control, and has contributed greatly to the development of education in this university.Our deepest condolences go out to the family.

The wake and funeral were held in private, with only family members present.

Dr. Toshiharu Hasegawa is a graduate of the Faculty of Engineering, Osaka University, and a doctor of engineering.After serving as a professor of the Faculty of Engineering at Kyoto University, a professor of the Graduate School of Kyoto University, the Director of the Information Processing Education Center of Kyoto University, the Director of the Large Computer Center of Kyoto University, and a professor and the Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics at Nanzan University, he became the President of Kyoto Institute of Information Science in April 2008.During this time, he has also served as President of the Operations Research Society of Japan, Vice President of the International Federation of Operational Research Societies (IFORS), and President of the Japan Chapter of the National Association for Information Systems (NAIS).

In the field of communication engineering, which was the theme in the early days of his research activities, he was the first in the world to propose a multimedia communication system based on asynchronous time division multiplexing in the early 1960s.After moving to Kyoto University, he expanded his research area to the field of operations research, and was involved not only in theoretical research on queuing, but also in the reality of "road traffic control" as an applied field, and left behind practical achievements in areas such as new traffic systems and highway control.He also devoted himself to the training of many junior members.

He had a sincere and warm personality and was well-liked, and the researchers around him admired his deep insight into the future of the times.I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to him and pray for his peaceful and eternal rest.