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<Intelligence> Professor Toshiharu Hasegawa

Prof. Toshiharu Hasegawa, Professor Emeritus of Kyoto University, who is the second president of Kyoto University of Information Sciences and the world authority in operations research research, passed away on November 28.I was 77 years old.In addition to the operations research field, he made significant contributions not only to system engineering, communication systems, and road traffic control, but also to the university's education.I express my condolences.

Throughout the night, the funeral was a burial and was run only by relatives.

Prof. Toshiharu Hasegawa graduated from the Faculty of Engineering at Osaka University, completed the graduate school, and received a doctorate in engineering.After serving as a professor at Kyoto University, a professor at Kyoto University, a director at the Information Processing Education Center at the University, a director at the University's Large Computer Center, a professor at Nanzan University and a dean at the Faculty of Mathematical Informatics, he was appointed as the President of Kyoto University of Information Sciences in April 2008. It was.During this time, he held important positions such as the President of the Operations Research Society of Japan, the Vice President of the International Operational Research Association (IFORS), and the Director of the Information Systems Society of Japan (NAIS) Branch.

In the field of communication engineering, which was the subject of early research activities, a multimedia communication method based on asynchronous time division multiplexing was already proposed in the first half of the 1960s.After moving to Kyoto University, the research field was expanded to the field of operations research. In addition to theoretical research on queues, etc. Practical achievements were left in areas such as highway control.I was also instrumental in nurturing many juniors.

Serious and generous personality and aspirations, and the scientists around us respected the depth of insight to read ahead.I thank you from the bottom of my heart and pray for a peaceful eternal sleep.