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Which is more interesting? Battle between 5 works! ~ CG Ani Cup

The “23rd CG Ani Cup 2011 Japan-France Friendly Match” sponsored by KCG, Kyoto City, Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry, etc. will be held on October 2 (Sun) at KCG Kyoto Station School.Prior to this, there will also be a screening of selected works of the CG animation contest that has been applied from all over Japan on Saturday.

The CG Ani Cup is a group battle where CG animation creators from around the world bring their works together, form teams by country, and compete for their performance.The team consists of five people, and in the same way as the judo and kendo team battles, the works from "Saiban" to "General" may be presented in order and presentations may be added.Judges, visitors, and Internet viewers will win or lose, and the winner will win.The creators of both Japan and France will be proud of the Anni Cup on the 2nd, and they are eager to win the national prestige and win.

From 4:10 pm after the end of CG Ani Cup, Chinese animation director Wang River (Chairman of Beijing Seongju Dynamic Technology Co., Ltd., director of the blockbuster anime “Kakuhiki”) said “Anime strategy of economic power China” I will give a lecture.

Prior to this, the selected works of the CG animation contest were screened from 1 pm on the 1st.Although it did not reach the representative of Ani Cup, there are only very excellent works, and the author's talk is also planned.Admission is free on both days (no application required).

This is a great opportunity to touch the latest CG animation.Would you like to come and enjoy it?

CG Ani Cup

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