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“Our mission is to realize an ideal information society.” New friends are the first step

KCGI, KCG Entrance ceremony for autumn 2011

The entrance ceremony for the fall of 2011 at Kyoto Information Graduate University (KCGI) and Kyoto Computer Gakuin (KCG) was held at KCG Kyoto Station School on Friday, September 30, and many new friends who will play a role in the future information society. Has taken the first step in student life.There was a strong oath from the freshman representatives, “I want to continue to work towards the realization of an ideal information society while working with my colleagues”.

First, Mr. Hiroshi Hasegawa, President of KCGI / KCG, gave a ceremony.“Now the world is going to make a big transformation around ICT,” and emphasized that “Your choice to learn ICT is a very promising and promising investment for the future.” .“We valued good encounters at our university and encouraged each other to make many friends who can talk about future dreams” and encouraged them.

Next, Toshihide Ibaraki, President of KCGI, introduced his experience at the ceremony: “The world map I saw when I studied in the United States was surprised unlike Japan, and it became an opportunity to learn about the world.” Above, “Kyoto, the capital of 1200, is the best city to learn about Japanese culture.I hope that both international students and Japanese students will deepen their exchanges and cultivate an international perspective, and that they will play an active part in the world in the future. ”

In response, a new student representative, Fukushima Satoshi (Graduated from Heian High School attached to Ryukoku University / KCG Information Processing Department) said, “When information is overflowing, it will be used effectively to realize a fair and open ideal information society. Our mission is to do.I will collaborate with many of my colleagues I meet at the University, and sometimes I will do my best as a rival. "

Congratulations to all new students.I pray that your student life will be fruitful.